Vertical Bar Code

A bar code field printed in a rotation perpendicular to the horizon so that the individual bars appear as rungs on a ladder.                                                                                      

Void / Barcode

An area within a bar (of a bar code symbol) which is of high reflectance relative to the dark reflectance criteria, i.e. the bar or character is poorly inked, or where the intended printed area is missing. A void may cause a mis-read or cause the reader for fail to read the symbol. 

Wand / Barcode

A handleld reading device in the form of a pen or wand, which requires the user to make contact with the printed symbol and stroke the barcode several times in a uniform and complete fashion. If the stroke is non-uniform, or is too rapid, or too slow the wand reader will not read the bar code symbol. Many wands are being replaced with more effective and “user-friendly” reading device, such as CCD readers or Laser readers.

Wedge / Barcode

A device that plugs in between a keyboard and a terminal or PC. Allows data to be entered either by the keyboard or an attached scanner.                                                        

Wide to Narrow Ratio / Barcode

The relationship of the wide to the narrow element widths, in a bar code having two element widths. Generally between 2.0 to 1 through 3.2 to 1.                                                 

WINS / Barcode

A compliance marking term. Warehouse Information Network Standard. Defines EDI transaction types for the warehouse industries.