Alarm output

Function on the receiver which generates a warning signal when there is a malfunction.                                                                                                                                               

Alexandrite crystals

Alexandrite (Cr3+:BeAl2O4 chromium-doped beryllium aluminate) is a laser gain material used in solid-state lasers for applications such as dermatology and Lidar, etc. Alexandrite is produced via the Czochralski growth method. It has a thermal shock resistance five times that of Nd:YAG and a wide emission wavelengths typically between 710nm and 800nm – in many cases around 755nm. 

Alexandrite Laser

is a solid-state laser employing a gemstone called alexandrite. is a solid-state laser employing a gemstone called alexandrite.
The alexandrite laser (chrysoberyl BeAl2O4 doped with chromium ions Cr3+) has been a commercially available laser system for medical applications and can be pumped with pulsed flashlamps, continuous arc lamps, or laser diodes. Its primary wavelength is 752 nm. A tuning range from 710 to 820 nm is possible under optimum operating conditions.


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Alignment Lasers

lasers used for assist in aligning optical beam paths. These alignment lasers range in wavelength from the visible to the NIR.                                                                                 

Alignment Sensitivity

Alignment Sensitivity (FAS) algorithm to determine the optimal tolerances on the alignment of a light guide by computing the alignment sensitivity. FAS is a flexible and rapid means to quantify the alignment sensitivity of a light guide.