Optical Throw / Barcode

The minimum distance a bar code can be away from a scanner and still be read.                                                                                                                                                       

Orientation / Barcode

Two possible bar code field orientations are horizontal with vertical bars and spaces (picket fence) and vertical with horizontal bars and spaces (ladder).                                      

Overhead / Barcode

The bars and spaces representing the start, stop, function codes and check characters required by some symbologies. These increase the length of the bar code but do not affect the message content.

Passive mode locking

It implies that a slow saturable absorber, i.e. an absorber with a recovery time much longer than the width of the soliton, is enough to stabilize the pulse, i.e. to modelock the laser.

Permutation symmetry

an intrinsic permutation symmetry that is purely a matter of convention of the notation used for frequency-dependent nonlinear susceptibilities.                                                        

Picket Fence Code

A bar code printed in a horizontal position such that the individual bars appear like the slats in a picket fence.