Pulsed fiber lasers (femtosecond range: Ultrafast)

Ultra-fast lasers are typically in the pulse width range of 10 femtoseconds to 10 picoseconds.                                                                                                                                      

Pulsed fiber lasers (picosecond range)

Picosecond fiber lasers operate in the 10 picosecond to 1 nanosecond pulse width range. These are not classified as “Ultra-fast”. Ultra-fast is generally associated with special architectures that generate pulse widths below 10 picoseconds, and most often in the femtosecond range.

Pump laser diodes

Pump laser diodes that are used for fiber lasers are fiber coupled device generally based on AlGaAs III-V semiconductor technology emitting in the 800-1000 nm range most often 915 or 976 nm. 

Quiet zone / Barcode

Synonyms :
Clear Area

The area which precedes the first printed bar of the start character, and follows the last printed bar of the stop character. This area should be free from any printing, and should be of the same color and reflectance as the background of bar code symbol. The clear area should be ten times the width of the narrowest element in the bar code, or 0.25 inch minimum.

Radio Frequency (RF) Network

A technology that connects devices using electromagnetic waves instead of physical cabling.                                                                                                                                   

Ratio / Barcode

Specifies the ratio between the widths of the wide and narrow elements in a barcode.