Wand / Barcode

A handleld reading device in the form of a pen or wand, which requires the user to make contact with the printed symbol and stroke the barcode several times in a uniform and complete fashion. If the stroke is non-uniform, or is too rapid, or too slow the wand reader will not read the bar code symbol. Many wands are being replaced with more effective and “user-friendly” reading device, such as CCD readers or Laser readers.

Wedge / Barcode

A device that plugs in between a keyboard and a terminal or PC. Allows data to be entered either by the keyboard or an attached scanner.                                                        

Wide to Narrow Ratio / Barcode

The relationship of the wide to the narrow element widths, in a bar code having two element widths. Generally between 2.0 to 1 through 3.2 to 1.                                                 

WINS / Barcode

A compliance marking term. Warehouse Information Network Standard. Defines EDI transaction types for the warehouse industries.                                                                  

WIP / Barcode

Work-In-Progress/Process. An application using bar code totes and bar code scanners to track lots through a manufacturing operation.                                                              

Wollaston prism

The Wollaston prism is a beampolarization splitter. E1 is orthogonal to the plane of the paper and also to the optic axis of the first prism. E2 is in the plane of the paper and orthogonal to E1. e-ray is the extraordinary wave and o-ray is the ordinary wave.