USS (Uniform Symbol Specification)

The current series of symbology specifications published by AIM; includes USS-I 2/5, USS-39, USS-93, USS-Codabar and USS-128.                                                                    

Valid characters

Lists the available characters or character sets which can be encoded with the symbology.                                                                                                                                       

Verification / Barcode

The technical process by which a Bar Code symbol is evaluated to determine whether it meets the specification for the specified symbol.                                                                 

Verifier / Barcode

A device that measures a symbol’s bars, spaces, quiet zones, and optical characteristics to determine whether it meets the requirements of a specific symbol. A verifier should not be confused with a bar code reader. 

Vertical Bar Code

A bar code field printed in a rotation perpendicular to the horizon so that the individual bars appear as rungs on a ladder.                                                                                      

Void / Barcode

An area within a bar (of a bar code symbol) which is of high reflectance relative to the dark reflectance criteria, i.e. the bar or character is poorly inked, or where the intended printed area is missing. A void may cause a mis-read or cause the reader for fail to read the symbol.