Stacker / Barcode

An optional electromechanical accessory that is invaluable for unattended, organized, printing and cutting of multiple batches of tags.                                                                   

Standard / Barcode

A compliance marking term. A set of rules, specifications, instructions and directions to use a bar code or other automatic identification system. Usually issued by a trade organization.

Standard print ratio / Barcode

This setting describes the print ratio if no custom ratios are adjusted.                                                                                                                                                                         

Start character, stop character / Barcode

A particular pattern of lines and spaces in a linear symbol that is placed at the beginning and end of the symbol to indicate the scanning direction, beginning and end of the data sequence, and sometimes the symbology version.

Start-Stop Characters / Barcode

A distinct character or pattern of bars used at the beginning and end of each bar code symbol, which provides initial timing references and direction of read information to the decoding logic.

Stock Keeping Units (SKU) / Barcode

In a distribution/retail environment, a generic term for item number.