Read Rate / Barcode

A bar code verification term. The ratio of the number of successful reads to the total number of attempts.                                                                                                                

Reed-Solomon error correction / Barcode

A method of non-binary cyclic error correction that can detect and correct multiple symbol errors and erasures. It is widely used in 2-D symbologies.                                          

Reflectance / Barcode

A bar code verification term. The ratio of the amount of light which is reflected back from the white spaces of a bar code during scanning to the amount of light reflected under similar illumination conditions.

Resolution / Barcode

A measure of the smallest “X dimension” printable by a particular device or method. Also the measure of ability of a scanner to distinguish a bar code symbol.                      

Ribbon / Barcode

A plastic tape with several layers of material, one of which is thermal wax, that when melted, produces the visible marks on the labels installed on a thermal transfer printer.

Rise time

The rise timeis an essential parameter in analog and digital systems. It describes the time taken for the output to rise from one level to another in an analog system, which has many real-world implications. The rise time tells us how long a signal spends in the intermediate state between two valid logic levels in a digital system.