Show Through

A bar code verification term. Generally undesirable property of a supply that permits underlying markings to be seen.                                                                                              

Slot Reader / Barcode

A bar code reading device requiring the substrate be drawn through a narrow slot to fix the position of the bar code symbol relative to the face of the bar code scanner. Typically used for scanning badges or membership cards.

Solid state laser

Its working substance is solid. Ruby laser, neodymium doped yttrium aluminum garnet laser (i.e. YAG laser) and neodymium glass laser are commonly used. Their structures are basically the same, characterized by small and solid, high power. At present, neodymium glass laser is the device with the highest pulse output power, which has reached tens of megawatts.

Solid-state lasers

Solid-state lasers include all optically pumped lasers in which the gain medium is a solid at room temperature. Semiconductor lasers do not belong in this category because these lasers are usually electrically pumped and involve different physical processes. In solid-state laser materials, the atoms responsible for generating laser light are first excited to higher energy states through the absorption of photons, and the way in which these atoms relax from their excited states determines the quality and quantity of laser light produced.

Space / Barcode

The white or lighter elements in a barcode are called spaces.                                                                                                                                                                                     

Space Width

A bar code verification term. The thickness of a space measured from the edge closest to the symbol start character to the trailing edge of the same space.