Spatial Symmetry

The form of the linear susceptibility tensor is determined by the symmetry property of a material. The forms of the nonlinear susceptibility tensors of a material also reflect the spatial symmetry property of the material structure. As a result, some elements in a nonlinear susceptibility tensor may be zero and others may be related in one way or another, greatly reducing the total number of independent tensor elements.

Spectral Band

A specific range of wavelengths or light, from a minimum to a maximum, often named after a central value. The value of 633 nanometers is visible light, while 900 nanometers represents infrared light. Spectral band B633 includes those wavelengths (plus or minus 5 percent) of the 633 nanometer peak. Spectral band B900 includes those wavelengths (plus or minus 10 percent) of the 900 nanometer peak. The spectral band or scanning device is generally listed in bar code specifications.

Spectral Response / Barcode

A bar code verification term. The variation in sensitivity of a test surface to light of different wavelengths.                                                                                                                  

SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) / Barcode

With a secure bar code symbology, UCC/EAN-128. This combination allows all participants in the supply chain to use a common, standard solution for their individual tracking and tracing needs.

STAC (Symbol Technical Advisory Committee)

to the Uniform Code Council Inc.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Stacked Codes

4K and UDF417 are examples where a bar code symbol is broken into sections and stacked one upon another in order to increase the information density in the bar code symbol.